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CARR Law Firm PLLC - Intellectual Property Lawyers in Dallas, Texas

At CARR, our attorneys collaborate closely with clients to develop strong Intellectual Property portfolios. Our approach is simple. A thorough technical understanding of our clients helps us devise a coordinated approach to protecting all forms of Intellectual Property. As a result, our clients' Intellectual Property creates a competitive advantage, builds market share, enhances profitability, and heightens their intrinsic value.

Our overarching goal is to develop and maintain recognition for our clients' technology, products and services, and with a long-term perspective. By beginning with an understanding of how all areas of Intellectual Property may affect a business, our lawyers are better equipped to help our clients anticipate future needs. This approach becomes crucial as new technologies arise, including the convergence of businesses online.

Our Intellectual Property law firm prides itself on delivering superior services and on developing long-term relationships impacting the value and bottom line of our clients. CARR represents Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies, as well as educational and research institutions and independent inventors, in a wide range of legal issues throughout the United States and abroad. Located in the heart of downtown Dallas and near the federal and state courthouses, CARR also provides a convenient staging area for litigation in Dallas.

An Experienced, Dependable Team of Attorneys

As a specialized-practice firm, our clients benefit from our unique, personalized approach. Each client works with a consistent team of attorneys who gain a deep familiarity with the client's needs and industry. All clients receive the attention and direct involvement of one of the lead partners, each of whom has more than twenty-five years of experience with Intellectual Property counseling, licensing, procurement and litigation.

We deliver consistent and reliable counsel. Attorneys at CARR offer a breadth and depth of experience rarely found. Each attorney is well-versed in handling prosecution, litigation and licensing across all segments of Intellectual Property law and possesses deep legal and technical expertise. All attorneys hold degrees in one or more scientific or engineering fields. As a result, clients receive efficient and effective legal counsel.

The true benefit of the CARR team approach arises when a client faces litigation. The attorney team possesses a successful track record, an understanding of the law, and an ability to gain familiarity with the client's background and needs to quickly and efficiently initiate or respond to litigation.

Independent Judgment

Our attorneys have and will maintain a staunch practice of avoiding representation that would pose a conflict of interest to our clients. Our specialization dramatically reduces the possibility of conflicts of interest with other clients. With Intellectual Property as our sole focus, our judgment can remain independent from any conflicting interests of clients the firm otherwise might represent across other legal areas.

Getting Started

CARR establishes a "partnering" relationship with our clients. While not a partnership in a legal sense, the firm recognizes that the success of every client is a success indirectly shared by the firm, building a lasting relationship, enhancing market share and promoting client growth. Our lawyers do this simply by creating legal barriers protecting valuable client information, which helps preserve and grow market share.

To help companies assess their intellectual capital, we have developed an Intellectual Property Audit to highlight key questions companies should ask and any corresponding activities they should consider undertaking. The audit helps companies identify ways they can gain vital protection of their information.

For more information on how to build and protect your market share or to understand the scope of protection available for Intellectual Property, contact the CARR Intellectual Property law firm today.

At CARR, clients can expect shoulder-to-shoulder, in-person collaboration and representation from a firm partner with more than twenty years of Intellectual Property law experience.

CARR Intellectual Property attorneys serve clients throughout Texas, the United States, and the world. We counsel inventors and businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, Marshall and other cities in Texas. Our attorneys also serve many international clients, including companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Canada, and Israel.

Main Office:
5606 SMU Boulevard #601087
Dallas, TX 75360
Tel: 214.760.3000

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