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Mitigate Trade Secret Risks

CARR trade secret attorneys help clients mitigate trade secret risks through agreements with employees, vendors and other collaborators who might have or be granted access to important information or information sources. We recommend use of an appropriate non-disclosure agreement with all third parties to whom confidential information will be provided through discussions, documents or access to data. Such agreements restrict use and disclosure of such information, maintaining its exclusive use for the company. In limited circumstances, discussions or other exchanges of information alone may give rise to a confidential relationship by "operation of law." However, confirming the existence of relationship by a written agreement generally is preferable. Please contact a CARR trade secret lawyer to review an example of a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement.

Our attorneys advise clients to document any information that might serve as evidence that the client created the information before disclosure to potential investors, potential business partners and other third parties. If the information is about a potentially patentable invention, careful consideration should be given to filing a provisional or non-provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, again, before sharing significant aspects of the information with others. Because U.S. patent applications become publicly available once a patent issues, or perhaps sooner through publication prior to patent grant if international patent protection is desired, careful assessment should be made of the extent to which trade secret information need be incorporated.

Care should be taken to establish written agreements with employees and consultants as well to secure ownership of the Intellectual Property created and to clarify that confidential information must not be shared with others during employment or engagement by the client and subsequently. Our trade secret attorneys also offer employee education programs to aid in implementing trade secret protection and security measures.

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