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CARR Law Firm PLLC - Intellectual Property Lawyers in Dallas, Texas

How a company gains market share differs by industry and by company. Taking the right approach to build and maintain market share is where CARR excels. Based on our clients' business objectives, we leverage the full range of Intellectual Property protection, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Our clients tend to be leaders in their fields or promising growth companies. CARR often serves:

  • Small companies that need close collaboration with a highly experienced IP attorney. These firms typically do not have their own in-house counsel.
  • Mid-sized companies seeking personal service and direct access to highly experienced IP attorneys capable of implementing comprehensive domestic and international Intellectual Property protection programs.
  • Companies concerned about potential conflicts of interest frequently posed by general practice firms with hundreds or thousands of clients, sometimes including one or more competitors.
  • Large, multi-national companies seeking reliable Intellectual Property representation.
  • Internationally-based companies in Asia (e.g., Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and China), Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Middle-East (e.g., Israel and Saudi Arabia), in addition to U.S.-based companies involved in IP litigation in Texas (e.g., the Eastern District of Texas, specifically Marshall, Texas) or elsewhere in federal courts of the United States.

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Representative clients include:

Byron Nelson
ChipData, Inc.
Digital Generation Systems
(Tech Titan Winner)
General Electric Company
Univision Radio
Lennox International Inc.
Nortel Networks

Plexon Inc.
(Tech Titan & Dallas 100 Winner)
Southern Methodist University
Textron, Inc.
Valere Power, Inc.
(Tech Titan Winner)
Vari-Lite, Inc.
(Dallas 100 Winner)
Weatherford International

Representative technologies with which CARR has technical expertise include:

Air Drilling
Aircraft Displays
Automated Lighting
Avionics Networks
Bulk Material Transport
Bus Architecture
Business Methods
CAD/CAM Systems
Cardiac Electrodes
Celebrity Endorsements
Cellular Communications Networks
Communications Software
Compressed Natural Gas
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Consumer Products/Services Distribution
Consumer Products/Services Sale
Database Access & Management
Digital Light Processing
Digital Telephone Switches
Domain Name Dispute Resolution
Electrical Circuits
Electromagnetic Propagation
Flash Memory
Food Processing
Gas Separation Membranes
Golf Equipment & Apparel
Hand Tools
HVAC Systems
Internet Advertising
Liquid Crystal Displays

Material Handling Equipment
Medical Equipment
Medical Imaging
Medical Lasers
Medical Record Transmission
Medical Record Verification
Membrane Switches
Motion Furniture
MRI/CRT/PET Scanners
Munitions Handling
Non-Cryogenic Gas Separation
Offshore Platform Instrumentation
Oil Field Drilling & Production
Optical Data Transmission & Storage
PC Displays
PC Enclosures
Polycarbonate Membranes
Power Controls
Power Suppliers & Rectifiers
Product Displays
Proofing & Baking
Radio Broadcasting
Search Engines
Seasoning Applicators
Seismic Exploration
Semiconductor Fabrication
Super Sonic Flow
Surge Suppressors
Video Processors
Weapons Handling Equipment
Wireless Communications

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CARR Intellectual Property attorneys serve clients throughout Texas, the United States, and the world. We counsel inventors and businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, Marshall and other cities in Texas. Our attorneys also serve many international clients, including companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Canada, and Israel.

Main Office:
5606 SMU Boulevard #601087
Dallas, TX 75360
Tel: 214.760.3000

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