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2012 Archive

Itís only natural – August-September 2012
Copy That — Or Not – June-July 2012
When Legal Distinctions Collide – April-May 2012
Key Components Of The Patent Reform Law – February-March 2012

2011 Archive

Turning A Blind Eye Backfires – Year-End 2011
You Invent It, You Own It – October-November 2011
Better Get Used To It – August-September 2011
Losing Control – June-July 2011
A View To A Trademark – April-May 2011
Any Given Sunday – February-March 2011

2010 Archive

Supreme Court Rules on Process Patentability Tests – Year–End 2010
Phrased and confused – October–November 2010
Going Once, Going Twice... Sold! – August–September 2010
Is Something Afoot? "Ordinary Observer" Test Used to Determine Design Patent Anticipation – June–July 2010
Roughed Up: Muscle Mag Ads Affect Patentability – April–May 2010
Court Takes Swing at Printed Publications as Bars to Patentability – February–March 2010

2009 Archive

Taking a Swing at the First Sale Doctrine - Year End 2009
Second Circuit Issues Key Decision Re: Search Engines - October/November 2009
Federal Circuit Extinguishes Candleholder Patent – August/September 2009
Court Weighs In On Liability For Patent-Infringing Components – June/July 2009
Opinion of Counsel Matters (Really!) – April/May 2009
Patent's Inequitable Conduct Defense Requires Intent and Materiality – February/March 2009

2008 Archive

Archives in Copyright Case Ruled Privileged – Year End 2008
An Infringement Claim Based on Trademark – October/November 2008
Trademark Law’s Territoriality Principle – August/September 2008
Patent Laws Doctrine of Prosecution Disclaimer – June/July 2008
Court rejects retroactive copyright license – April/May 2008
Trademark Law’s “Use in Commerce” Requirement - February/March 2008

2007 Archive

Secondary Liability for Trademark and Copyright Infringement - Year End 2007
Loosening the Standard for "Obviousness" October/November 2007
IP Managers and Patent Infringement Claims August/September 2007
Clearing the Way for "Pay and Sue" Lawsuits June/July 2007
Clarifying the Federal Trademark Dilution Act April/May 2007
Patent and Copyright Law's Sublicensing Rule February/March 2007

2006 Archive

Court Clarifies Written Description Requirement - Year End 2006
Supreme Court Denies Automatic Permanent Injunction - Oct/Nov 2006
Supreme Court Rejects Market Power Presumption August/September 2006
Y-Ike-s! Eisenhower’s War Memoir Ruled a Work-for-Hire June/July 2006
New Test for Trademark Fair Use April/May 2006
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act - February/March 2006

2005 Archive

The Supreme Courts Landmark Copyright Decision [Year End 2005]
Willfulness in Trademark False Designation Liability [Oct/Nov 2005]
Improved Versions and Abandonment of Original Inventions [Aug/Sept 2005]
Consumer Confusion and Trademarks Fair Use Defense [June/July 2005]
Art, Usefulness and Copyright Infringement [April/May 2005}
Adverse Inference and Exculpatory Opinion [February/March 2005]

2004 Archive

The Doctrine of Equivalents and Dependent Patent Claims [Dec 2004]
Trademark Law's Personal Name Rule [October/November 2004]
Pretrial Investigations [August/September 2004]
Internet Pop-ups and Trademark Rights [June/July 2004]
Generally parallel: A contradiction in terms? [April/May 2004]
Nothing to Sneeze At [February/March 2004]

2003 Archive

Changes to the Rules [Year-end 2003]
What's in a Name [October/November 2003]
Victor vs. Victoria [August/September 2003]
Profits Without Sales [June/July 2003]
Composition Patents [April/May 2003]
Registering Complaints [February/March 2003]

2002 Archive

Blinded by Precedent [Year-end 2002]
A Return to Reason [October/November 2002]
Know the Limits to Business Method Patents [August/September 2002]
Cybersqatters Can Run, But They Can't Hide [June/July 2002]
Buying Can Get You In as Much Trouble as Selling [April/May 2002]
States Generally Immune from Patent Infringement [Feb/March 2002]

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