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Trademark Checkup & Tips

  1. Review marketing programs and materials, including less obvious aspects such as product, store and Web page designs, for example.
  2. Assess whether valued trademarks, service marks, trade dresses, product configurations and other recognized and distinguishing trade indicia are registered.
  3. Identify calendar deadlines for filing evidence of use and renewal applications in both U.S. and international trademark applications and registrations.
  4. Preserve and safeguard evidence of the earliest use of every valued mark.
  5. Review all federal trademark applications filed to identify others seeking to register and therefore use an infringing or diluting mark.
  6. Notify others of any objection to their efforts to register or use a harmful (confusingly similar or diluting) mark.
  7. Officially oppose registration of any harmful mark within the statutory 30-day opposition period following "publication" in the Official Gazette of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.
  8. Properly document all transfers of ownership and authorizations to use (license) marks.
  9. Obtain any required official authorization for and record licenses of international registrations.
  10. Prepare for growth and expansion by registering valued marks in anticipated geographic markets, for new product developments and service offerings.
  11. Review license agreements for adequate quality control provisions.
  12. Identify protectable trade dress and product configuration.

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