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Licensing a patenttrademark, or copyright is similar to leasing real estate, only the property is intangible in nature. A license gives the party receiving the license (the “licensee”) the right to use the patent, trademark, or copyright in accordance limitations in the license, in return for a fee.  This process usually begins with a confidentiality agreement that protects the Intellectual Property from use or disclosure by the potential licensee unless a license agreement is reached through further discussion and consideration by the parties.

The Intellectual Property licensing attorneys at CARR frequently help patent, trademark and copyright owners approach potential licensees.

There are many reasons why your company may want to license its Intellectual Property.  The licensee may have established manufacturing facilities and marketing capabilities to make and sell your product in a particular market. You can also leverage another company’s distribution channels and maybe even their development capabilities to further develop your invention for a particular market or industry.  Licensing the Intellectual Property to such a licensee can avoid the cost and risk of developing those capabilities. The licensee benefits from having the right to profit from use of the Intellectual Property.

Licensing is also a way to resolve a trademark, copyright or patent dispute . If you sue someone for infringing your Intellectual Property, or if you are being sued, the resolution may involve a license.

Our licensing attorneys help clients:

  • Draft confidentiality agreements
  • Identify and investigate fields of use for potential licensing
  • Advise clients concerning license rates
  • Draft separate licenses for different fields of use
  • Identify potential licensees
  • Conduct field investigations for trademark owners to see who might be infringing and who might be a potential licensee
  • Negotiate licenses

Contact a CARR trademark, copyright and patent licensing lawyer today.

CARR Intellectual Property attorneys serve clients throughout Texas, the United States, and the world. We counsel inventors and businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, Marshall and other cities in Texas. Our attorneys also serve many international clients, including companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Canada, and Israel.

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