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Safeguard Innovation & Enhance Valuation with Patents.

For entrepreneurs and industry pioneers, the patent process provides one of the most definitive ways to protect a company's Intellectual Property and to boost company valuation. CARR patent lawyers approach the patent process with a thorough technical understanding and a coordinated approach focusing on both current and long-term opportunities. We also provide annual maintenance, as required to protect our clients' rights.

Our patent attorneys are well versed in securing and protecting patents for a broad range of inventions, from high technology and complex mechanical and engineered inventions to the elegantly simple. The firm seeks to secure broad, valid protection with a patent portfolio comprising a single, cornerstone patent serving as the foundation of an emerging company as well as with a portfolio of dozens of patents representing interrelated aspects of a highly complex, multifaceted invention.

Recent examples of our patent work include:

  • Patenting IBM's newly unveiled "Cell" microchip that is ten times faster than competing technology of Intel and AMD.
  • Patenting a personal safety device that allows self-administration of oxygen at the onset of a medical emergency and in hazardous environments.
  • Obtained broad patent for nanotechnology applied to RF switching and control, leading to licenses and development agreements with leading chip manufacturers.
  • Patented method of Internet user registration used by AOL, MSN, Verizon, SBC, Earthlink and Netzero. Patent infringement litigation for is pending.
  • Patented surge protection devices used in DSL lines, generating enough interest from GE that it bought the entire company.
  • Chosen by IBM to patent the PlayStation 3.

Our representation relating to patents includes:

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CARR Intellectual Property attorneys serve clients throughout Texas, the United States, and the world. We counsel inventors and businesses in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, Marshall and other cities in Texas. Our attorneys also serve many international clients, including companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Canada, and Israel.

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